Sphere ERP is a composable Enterprise Resource Planning Software platform for businesses to quickly build and deploy data driven applications.

It leverages the versatility of JSON to enable users to quickly configure entire data driven software applications from basic data collection and analysis tools to fully integrated software including human resource management and payroll, client relationship management, manufacturing, e-commerce, blogs and publishing, accounting, sales and marketing as well as complete business management suites.

Data resources and applications can be mixed and merged to provide holistic views of business interests in one place and in a simple and intuitive user interface.

Sphere ERP exposes extensive JSON data APIs for access to the data from other software, or building highly customized software applications that shared the same data as other parts of the organization.

It also places power of the Structured Query Language (SQL) in the hands of the user. You can analyze huge amounts of data from an easy to use interface without ever having to understand the Structured Query Language. For users who understand SQL and wish for even more flexibility, you can run actual queries on your data to answer whichever questions you may have on your data.

Sphere ERP has fully configurable pre-designed user interface elements for interacting with and reporting on collected and generated data.

It runs on robust SQL databases with capability for storing and reporting on unlimited rows of data. You can also connect it to your own database servers and provide intuitive interfaces for working on and reporting on your data.

With Sphere ERP you get the flexibility and versatility you need to quickly adapt to changing business environments and customer requirements by being able to deploy secure data applications in fractions of the time it would take to build such software in a conventional way, and at a fraction of the cost.

Composition of data resources is simple enough to be picked up by the average software user hence enabling organization staff to quickly create, deploy and share secure data collection and analysis tools across the enterprise without having to wait for IT or resort to spreadsheets.

Sphere ERP has integrations to email, SMS and card/mobile payment platforms.

It is also flexible enough for programmers and advanced users to build custom software atop the API in JavaScript or any other language of their choice.

Last updated: 13-Jan-2021