Documentation and API reference


Sphere ERP is a highly customisable business applications development platform and backend API for your data and file storage and access.

Setup and configuration of an instance of Sphere ERP is done by defining data structures using Structured Query Language alongside resource description using JSON objects.

Other core configurations including search options, business intelligence charts, the Sphere ERP web user interface user roles and permissions are also configured using JSON objects.

Additionally the web user interface can be customized using CSS and JavaScript.

The Sphere ERP API endpoints respond with JSON data which can be used to build full fledged applications for web, mobile, IoT and other platforms.
In fact the Sphere ERP web user interface is a JavaScript application that comminicates with the Sphere ERP API. You may inspect API requests being issued by the user interface so as to replicate them in another environment.

This documentation assumes you have working knowledge of SQL and JSON.

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