Deploying Sphere ERP for cloud banking


Sphere ERP has been deployed in financial institutions including Savings and Credit Cooperatives and Micro-finance/Micro-credit companies to streamline operations and improve visibility of organizations' activities.

It is deployed as a complete administrative and operational suite, managing different facets of the organizations operations, including human resource, accounting, projects, assets and asset tracking client finances (loans, overdrafts, savings, current accounts), risk assessment, client relationship management and other functions

The extensibility and open architecture of Sphere ERP makes it particularly suitable for financial institutions of any size and with software requirements that may vary greatly or even change from time to time. Additionally Sphere ERP can connect to legacy software and databases, or provide data access to other applications for smooth migrations and operations.

Being primarily cloud based, access to institutions banking services and operations are availed over the internet to both staff and clients in secure and cost effective ways without the need for complex configurations, installations or additional hardware and software. Two step authentication is enabled by default for all login activities.

Functionalities for Sphere ERP cloud banking deployments

1. Features

  • Fully-configurable data management

    Track and store all customer, account, transactions and operations data with fully configurable fields and components.

  • Loan origination and management

    Full support for all kinds of loans with comprehensive management, monitoring, evaluation, risk assessment, guarantor management, collaterals/securities and instant reporting.

  • Group management

    Configure and manage clients as collective groups or individuals in line with institutional operation processes.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Keep track of all customer interactions at multiple communication points including staff communication, emails, calls, and office/field visits.

  • Accounting

    Comprehensively track and report on institutional financials including revenue and expenses, profits, balance sheets and assets.

  • Human resource management and payroll

    Maintain fully configurable up to date employee records, timesheets and auto-generated payroll reports.

  • Multi-branch and agent support

    Conveniently manage information and records across any number of branches, agents and satellite offices.

  • Asset tracking

    Use GPS systems to live-track and geo-fence institutional assets in real time.

  • Intuitive granular and in-depth operational reporting

    Custom views, lookups, charts, trend-lines, merges and comprehensive filtering and sorting of all data and reports including current accounts, saving accounts, loan books.

  • File management

    Configurable upload and attach files and pictures to all record types.

  • External communications (SMS/Email)

    Send automated transactional information and other updates to staff and clients via SMS, emails and customizable notifications.

  • Open and secure application programming interface (Sphere API)

    Step into a world of limitless possibilities with Sphere ERP's open API. Enable open banking functionalities and adapt services to customer requirements fast.

  • Composable architecture

    All data components in Sphere ERP and fully composable with a straightforward development process. Quickly adapt to changes in regulations, business and market requirements in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

  • Short deployment periods

    Sphere ERP adopts best practices from around the financial industry, gained from multiple deployments to ensure implementation takes at most a month.

  • Custom printouts and reports

    Automate document and report generations for custom data input or monitoring and evaluation such as collection sheets and portfolios.

  • Comprehensive audit logs

    Track all activity performed by users and review data and system changes.

  • User roles

    Secure data and reports from unauthorized access and altering by deploying comprehensive group-based and user-based roles and permissions.

2. Collaboration

  • Seamlessly collaborate and quickly share information across the enterprise via chat, emails and video conferencing.

3. Integrations

  • MPESA mobile money

    Automate collections and disbursements through mobile wallet integrations.

  • Credit reference bureaus (CRB)

    Automate record submissions and credit assessments with API integrations to Metropol CRB and other credit reference bureaus.

  • Bulk SMS/email

    Send and automate timely communications to clients and any other interested parties through SMSes and emails.

  • USSD, internet and mobile banking

    Adopt turn-key solutions to open up alternative banking channels.

  • Credit/debit cards and ATM networks

    Issue credit and debit cards and provide real-time access to account data.

  • Corporate email addresses

    Quickly and easily assign and manage corporate email addresses for staff members and users.

Last updated: 18-Jan-2021